Total costs related to this web site

First published on July 2, 2014

So far, my objective is to keep the costs to a minimum.
I have plenty of things to do before I will look for further investment.
The only cost related to the web site was purchasing the domain name.
I purchased the domain name from for a total of $3.15

On Sep 15, I decided to pay another $5 to buy 30 links with high PR from Now, four months later, I can't say I noticed any improvement in traffic or revenue. At least my action did not seem to have any negative repercussions either.

I also decided to purchase two more domain names, which I may use in the future and I discovered that the asking price was higher than $3.15. So I used a different browser and what do you know, I was offered again a dot com domain for only $3.15. It appears godaddy placed some cookies when I first purchased this domain and my further attempts to buy another domain name came with additional costs.
Once I learnt the trick, I purchased a third domain name, using the third browser, for the same price.

For the hosting, I use the free services of
They are reliable and I did not have to contact them, because there were no issues. I may need to convert to a paid plan once I will move over to WordPress or similar. I also became an affiliate for them, so if any of my visitors will purchase their services, I should get some financial reward.


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