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First published on July 03, 2014

After a few weeks of reading various documents, I realised I started up the whole thing pretty badly.
Which is, building a website without a clear purpose in mind. Ideally, I should consider very carefully what my intention is with this site and work toward that goal. I've been advised that people are not interested about 'me', they want to find information that will be helpful to 'them'.
This is valid criticism. Every time I write something, I have to keep this in mind, and offer some advise or solution to readers.

One of the the very important information I found about SEO is nothing new to me. Having a proper title, description and keywords in the meta tags.
The part I did not respect was having DIFFERENT titles, descriptions and keywords on each different page!

On Jul 03, 2014 I did some research for search engine optimization. I found a few useful websites that were kind enough to check my website and provide some feedback about it.

DomainTuno ranked the website a respectable 81 points out of 100 possible and pointed to some issues that need fixing:

  • Title of the webpage is too short
  • Too many top headings H1 and H2 in the source code
  • No social sharing services found on the website
  • Too few facebook likes
  • Too few google plus ones

SEOToolSet offers a suite of free tools designed to help us analyze and correct potential problems that may prevent the website from reaching a top position in a search engine.

  • Pointed out there were incorrect meta tags (description, keywords, title and in wrong order).
  • Sentence Count = 63
  • Fog Reading Level = 6.58
  • Flesch Reading Ease Level  = 61.62
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level = 8.73

SEOSiteCheckup also provides useful information on improvment of websites.

There are some conflicting information between different SEO tools. For example, DomainTuno warns the title of the website is too long, and if adjusted, then SEOToolSet warns the title is too short. It's pretty hard to keep all of them happy!

AuditMyPC offers a free sitemap generator. It is a Java application that executes on local computer, but it can browse a website located on the internet.

GodOfSEO provides a multitude of interesting resources about SEO. It will be my field of study for a while. also has plenty of information and they also provide a free e-book about link building. The "payment" consists of sharing the information on one of the social media platforms.

AHREFS offers a backling report and other types of analysis of websites.


First published on August 12, 2014

I decided to check on what position does the phrase "earn cents every minute" (without double quotes), appears in Google Search Results.
On Aug 12, 2014 Google returned results on page 15.
On Aug 31, 2014 Google returned the results on page 8
On Sep 20, 2014 Google returned the results on page 14
On Sep 23, 2014 Google returned the results on page 4!

I am very pleased with the jump recorded in the last three days.
This is a jump of 10 pages and it happened extrely fast. Probably it has something to do with me working to fix the title and description of many pages. Still more work needs to be done and I also have to start using the <h1> and </h1> surrounding the page titles.
At the moment I use <h2> and </h2> because the default size of the text is too large.
I will have to customize the font size via css or other methods.

I am aware this is not a valuable expression such as "make money online", "earn money online" or "how to make money online" and I will try to improve the ranking for these expressions as well.

When searching "earn cents every minute" in Bing, my website is listed on first place.
Not bad at all. This is probably because I submitted my site to Bing.


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