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First published on June 27, 2014

The internet is full of scams and scammers and there are so many web sites that make unbelievable promisses and yet they are hugely popular, that makes one wonder about the level of intelligence of the internet users.

There are a few steps I take when I verify if a web site can be trusted or not (I am referring to the possibility of paying for a product or service and getting the promised results out of it).

Here is my in-depth article about, providing advice for prospective buyers before they commit hard earned cash to an auction.

I will concentrate on a web site I came accross today. The web site places adds that are so outrageous that it picked up my attention. I am talking about

I was curious to see what is its Alexa ranking. I could not believe the popularity of this web site. It occupies an absolutely enviable position of 7680, which makes it one of the top 10000 most popular (and visited) web sites on the internet!

First of all - does the web site do something illegal? Most likely not. Does it do something immoral? In my opinion, yes. After all, they work hard to find customers who are willing to pay them for a service.

The web site show users many testimonials from people who claim they achieved huge income ($10000 per month) obtained by paying for the service offered by the web site. I watched part of the presentation video and my understanding is that a user has to pay a one time fee of $49 for the promise of "generating income in the first 14 days". The author of the web site is so confident the users will make money in the specified period that he guarantees that in case of no income, the customer will receive their $49 back, together with another $500 for the fact they giving it a try. How can somebody say no to such a great offer,  without  any downside?

The first alarm bell comes when there is no description about the amount promised to be made. So, if I pay $49 and within a month I make an income of $1, the promise has been fulfilled, so I am not entitled to get my money back, or the extra $500. So, if he makes an arrangement for me to receive a payment of $1, he ends up with a profit of $48. Not a bad idea (for his pocket), right?

I did some checks for reviews about the web site. I was surely expecting that some of the people who paid them would have realised they've been tricked and complained somewhere. But I could not find any negative reviews in the first few pages from Google!

However, I found some interesting things. There is a web site, that has a review of
There is a guy who, instead of reviewing the site, it praises the service offered.
He appears to be so helpful to anybody, that allows us to contact him via his email address: [email protected]

Well, I decided to see what kind of business is he running through his web site and I found out that the address redirects to

Is it me, or do other people recognise the similarity of domain names and

If it's not obvious, the owners of the web site placed their own "independent" review of their business on another web site. I found such reviews on more web sites.

When I smell something fishy with a web site, I usually look for the testimonials or feedback page. Usually the fishy web sites have plenty of testimonials and the date of the testimonials is sometimes made to appear very recent. But if I want to place a new testimonial, I am simply not allowed.

Some of the web sites got smarter. They allow anybody post any comments, but they need to be "moderated". This is in many cases a valid reason. Because of spamming, administrators often check the comments, if they relate to the subject discussed. If is on an urelated issue, for example there is a link to a web site selling Viagra or Cialis, the post is banned.
And of course, any negative comments will be obviously filtered out.

Aug 25, 2014

Today I came accross a well written article which confirms something I suspected since I found out about
The website is legitimate, is extremely popular and probably earns a lot of money. It offers a great environment for trading websites and domain names.
The only problem is that, in my opinion, the level of knowledge of many of the buyers is far too low and their website evaluation and purchase decisions are far from accurate.
Probably too many buyers are relying entirely on the description provided by the seller and do too little work of their own.

Unfortunately, for a large majority, the effects of a poor buying decision appear in days or months since purchase.
Paradoxically, there are not too many accounts of people describing their poor decisions. Most of them are too ashamed to publicise the bad decisions they made.

Here is the article and if you are considering purchasing a website online, read it carefully before taking action.

First published on Sep 20, 2014

I was watching some videos on youtube and I found a typical marketer advertising for making money with a website. I visited that website and I was automatically redirected to

There is a video there and they claim on presenting a secret way of earning lots of money in a simple way. I hate these marketing videos that prevent people from navigating back and forth in the video, because they force you to watch every minute of it. This is one of the tell=tale signs of heavy-hand marketing.
Anyway, while a chap was trying to sell this stuff in the video, I've done a search for "insuredprofits legit or scam". In fact the "legit or scam" part was automatically filled in my Google Chrome browser, proof that people are getting smarter in avoding scams.
The answer that indeed the whole thing is a scam came as  soon as somebody visits the website

I also wrote a quick article about why you should not submit your website to 500+ search engines.


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