First published on June 27, 2014
The experience accumulated by a person is the result of what they do the majority of their time. Almost a third of my time I spend sleeping. But sometimes I suffer from insomnia, which means I do not really master this skill. So I can't call myself a professional sleeper, I am pretty much still an amateur sleeper.  But I am quite proud to say that I was, on a few occasions, able to dream and realize that I am dreaming, while dreaming! These are called lucid dreams and probably there are many people who had this kind of dreams. In my case, I noticed they start just before I am about to wake up and go to work, which sort of sucks. It would be nice to dream some more about going to work and actually not going to work!

In the morning, I usually take a shower, which lasts no less than 25 minutes (20 minutes if I am really in a hurry). My wife wonders why I need so much time for taking a shower, but I am a firm believer that a quality work can't be done in a short amount of time.

Another two to four hours per day I spent in the front of TV. Despite this intense activity, if I am asked to chose between two movies, I discover that most of the time, I don't know either of them. Or, in the best case, I remember I watched a few times one of them, but I can't remember pretty much anything about it. So, sadly, I can not call myself a professional TV watcher or a movie buff. The good part is that I can watch the same movie over and over again many times, before getting bored of it. And this is a pretty useful skill for those watching the free to air TV channels and (from what I've heard) even the Pay TV channels.

I spent another hour or two each day on the road, to and from work. I could be a driver of automobiles, as long as I would drive daily to the same destination. I have very poor orientation and I forget very quickly to get to a place I visited previously. And I really dislike to drive to places where I haven't been before, or even worse, driving in the city!

There are a few more hours that feel my day. I usually spend those hours typing, watching screens, searching for tools, cables, cleaning instruments, removing stickers and generally being stressed. And filling manually pages after pages of numbers, some with a decimal, others with two. All that is not yet complete until I scribe my signature on each of these papers. One would guess that by signing hundreds of pages every month, one would get good at signing its own name. I can sign my name quite easily once or twice, but the more I sign, the more it appears somebody else signs. I know of some banks that do automatic signature checks. I would probably fail this check every single time, since my signature varies widely between one page to the other one.
Overall, it is a high responsibility and boring activity that few other people want to do. As a result, I get paid for this activity and I call it a job.


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